Visa Type Processing time Documents Cost
  • Single entry: 3-6 months
  • VS Order form
  • Visa application form
  • Photograph
  • Work permit and business license
  • Introduction letter or permission letter
    from government and other official, or
    official-related institutions, such as
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of
    Commerce, Public Private Partnerships,
  • Documents providing the type of
    commercial activities
  • Taxes and other financial
  • Address of the company
  • For official visits, a certified employment
    introduction-letter with all details of your
    purpose visiting Afghanistan must be
    provided. The verification of employment
    must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign
    Affairs of Afghanistan in Kabul, who then
    will send us a letter of authorization of
  • Consular fee: from 100€
  • Service fee: from 67€
  • Processing time: from 14 days
  • Single entry 3-6 months
  • VS Order form
  • Visa application form
  • Photograph
  • If visiting family or friends, a letter of
    introduction stating whom you intend to
    visit in Afghanistan is required
  • If tourism is the purpose of your visit, a
    statement of the nature of your tour and
    places you intend to travel in Afghanistan
    is required
  • Either of the above statements should
    also indicate that the applicant is aware of
    the risks involved in the journey and takes
    full responsibility of any liability arising
    during or as a result of the trip to
  • Evidence of Employment
  • Utility bills or a bank statement as a proof
    of address here in Germany.
  • Consular fee: from 44€
  • Service fee: from 44€
  • Processing time: from 14 days

Please note:

The visa must be applied for personally. VS can assist you in completing the visa application correctly and compiling the required documents.