A stay of 30 days is visa free for all EU citizens

Consular fee

from 60 €

Service fee

from 32 €

Processing time

from 7 days


  • Order Placement VS

  • Declaration of Consent EU-DSGVO


  • Passport Photo

  • Passport

  • Visa Application

  • International Health Insurance for Belarus

  • Important note:

    • Stay up to 30 days is visa free.
    • The passenger must arrive at and depart from Minsk International Airport. The traveler is not allowed to arrive by air from Russia and not fly on to Russia.
    • Stay over 30 days - Invitation from Belarusian legal entity must be submitted. Multivisa 1 year - Transfer letter of the German company must be submitted.

    In addition, a copy of the contract between a legal entity of the Republic of Belarus and the tourist or tourist’s company must be submitted.

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