China Einreise/COVID Regelungen/Serviceübersicht

Der langfristige internationale Erfolg global wachsender Unternehmen wird zukünftig immer stärker davon abhängen, ob und wie es gelingt, die richtigen Mitarbeiter zum richtigen Zeitpunkt und am richtigen Ort zur Verfügung zu haben. Die Komplexität der Herausforderungen ist je nach Einsatzland ist aufgrund der Reisebeschränkungen unterschiedlich und hängt von den dort herrschenden rechtlichen und gesetzlichen Regelungen.

Visa Support & Business Solutions GmbH verfügt über eine tagesaktuelle Information und  bitet Ihnen die kompetente Unterstützung im Vorfeld einer Geschäftsreise nach VR China. Die Übersicht lässt sich in sechs Schritte zusammenfassen :

1. Entry regulations

Travel to China is only possible by a direct flight. Transit journeys via Germany as the only stopover can solely be made if there are no direct connections to China in the country of departure.

Basically, entry is possible for holders of diplomatic, service, courtesy and C-visas. New visas for other individual entries to China will continue to be issued only for a specific limited group of people and/or purpose of stay (e.g. to carry out “necessary economic, technological and other projects”). To complete a visa application, the so-called “PU invitation1” must be obtained from the appropriate Chinese local authorities.

All persons arriving from abroad, irrespective of their nationality and vaccination or recovery status, will be tested for COVID-19 at the point of first arrival and subjected to a quarantine period of at least 14 days, but often three weeks as well, in central facilities. In addition, a blood test (IgM and IgG) is carried out after entry at some airports (Shanghai).

2. Entry for vaccinated persons

All vaccinated air passengers are required to provide TWO negative PCR test results issued by two test centres in the same consular district consecutively within 48 hours. For example, if the first PCR test was performed by a testing centre in the consular district of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, the second test must be performed by another testing centre in the same consular district, either. An IgM test is no longer required. The test must be taken no more than 48 hours before departure. The swab collection date is taken as the reference date. The test certificate must explicitly show the date when the swab was taken. For PCR tests, only a nasal swab is accepted. Please follow this link to find out who is recognized as fully vaccinated:

3. Entry for unvaccinated persons

Unvaccinated air passengers must present negative PCR and IgM antibody tests results. Only venous blood test results are accepted. Rapid tests are not sufficient. The test method shall be chemiluminescence or ELISA, colloidal gold is no longer acceptable.

If you wish, we can arrange an appointment with a test centre near your location*.

4. Entry for recovered persons

Air passengers who have recovered and travellers who have been tested positive for IgG antibodies must contact the respective Chinese foreign missions at least three weeks before departure for a preliminary examination. For this purpose, an X-ray of the lungs and/or a lung CT and two nucleic acid tests carried out 24 hours after each other must be submitted. These must not be more than three days old at the time of submission. A copy of the main page of the passport and a German residency confirmation must also be provided. After successful pre-testing, a 14-day self-isolation period must be observed.

Upon completion of self-isolation, the required QR code can be requested 48 hours before departure. For this purpose, in addition to negative PCR and IgM test results, lung markings as well as the isolation protocol and screenshots of the preliminary test results must be uploaded.

5. Application for a QR code for entry

Depending on the air passenger’s current health status, the respective negative test results must be uploaded to Health Declaration Certificate together with the following documents:

  • Passport

  • Air ticket

  • Proof of vaccination* and digital EU vaccination certificate (for vaccinated persons)

*The vaccination certificate must contain the following information: name, sex, date of birth, name of the vaccine, date and place of the first and second vaccinations, signature and address of the vaccination centre. The final vaccination must be made more than 14 days before departure.

  • Valid visa for PR China / valid Chinese residence permit

  • Test results (scans)


Furthermore, a health declaration must be uploaded to the website of the Chinese customs. This can also be done by Visa Support & Business Solutions GmbH.

6. Services provided by Visa Support & Business Solutions GmbH

  • Preparation and content review for all required documents
  • Adaptation and/or necessary formatting of all documents according to the requirements of the authorities of the People’s Republic of China
  • Full registration procedure to obtain a Health Declaration Certificate
  • Updates on the current status of a QR code validation.
  • Submission of the Health Declaration Certificate to the Customs Office of the PRC.

Our fees

  • Standard processing – EUR 155 (excl. 19 %)
  • 48 hours before departure – EUR 255 (excl. 19%)
  • Outside office hours and on weekends – EUR 270 (excl. 19%)
  • Health declaration for the PRC customs – EUR 75 (excl. 19%)
  • Test appointment – EUR 75 (excl. 19%)