Visa Type Processing time Documents Costs


  • Single entry 3 months
  • Consulate fee: from 50€
  • Service fee: from 44€
  • Processing time: from 7 days
  • Single entry 1 month
  • Multiple entry 3 months
  • Consulate fee: from 60€
  • Service fee: from 86€
  • Processing time: from 7 days

Important information:

Business invitation by the business partner: 

  • Addressed personally to the traveller/s
  • The purpose of the journey and both the passport data and the travel period must be explicitly stated
  • The invitation needs to be printed on letterhead and carry the inviting company's seal
  • It has to be approved by the Foreign Ministry of Eritrea

Official letter by the German company:

  • addressed to the respective embassy
  • name of traveler
  • purpose of journey
  • place of residence in the country of destination (address of enterprise or organization)
  • declaration of cost assumption by the German enterprise/organization

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